The first thing you need to know about me...
I have learned so much about the biblical principles of helping individuals of all ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicities and races to find the only true and lasting hope all people seek... the hope of the truth in scripture. 

I hope that you will trust me when I tell you that the psychology of this current world is not going to heal you...
Sure, you may feel temporarily better after seeking interventions such as medications, a counselor to talk to who offers  “Self-Help”  techniques or rest in a mental health facility.
However, these are all short-term cover ups to the deeper  “root” causes that influence why you behave the way you do.
I know these temporary cover ups are not working for you, your family, 
your career, or all the other relationships in your life.

I can offer you a different way to approach your mental health struggles. 

Hi I'm Vicky!

 I will help you find the lasting hope that you seek by teaching you to apply biblical truth & principles to YOUR individual situations.

Meet Vicky

I can offer an in-depth look into the reasons you behave and react the way you do.

My Experience

You will learn to look beyond your feelings to the grace and Mercy of Jesus Christ...

How you 'feel' will be affected by your experiences and sufferings. However, your 'feelings' are not what truly must be looked at

Our culture says the answer is to exercise more (which isn't a negative thing - we probably should), or get a new haircut (again, not a bad thing in and of itself). However, the REAL probelm is not cosmetic, financial or social.

The answer is to learn that 'it is not all about you!' I say this in total love and compassion. The answer is to look to what was done for us by Jesus Christ...

What He had done, why He did what He did, why He came to this earth as fully human, yet being fully God, and how we can heal when we believe and trust in Him. Jesus became the One who experienced everything we will EVER go through. He is the "Way, the truth and the life"  (John 14:6)

I counsel as a woman who has walked through great sufferings throughout my life... much heartache, depression, anxiety, and always feeling if I fixed everything around me to look fashionable and socially acceptable, then I would be healed, or at least fool everyone into thinking I was fine. 

I ran from realtionship to relationship, wore the best clothing, had a home others were envious of and worked at a high power and high paying career. But, after jumping out from a car on a highway while in a black out from massive amounts of alcohol in my system and strong medications prescribed by psychiatrists, I realized my problems were not because of 'what was done to me'. My problem was that I desperately needed to change WHERE I recieved my hope and affirmations from. It wasn't through men, drugs, alcohol or driving the best car that I would find hope... it was meeting Jesus and coming to terms with my depravity and fallen nature.  I needed to learn how to worship God and not myself.

I have degress in early childhood and special education. I have over 28 credits in counseling and the human mind. I have years of experience teaching, supervising staff, vocational training, coaching, and counseling, both in popular psychology and bibilcal methods. 

In 2014, I was hired as the first Director of Counseling for the Cornerstone Church in North Uxbridge, Ma. Hiring a counselor to serve it's members and the local community wasn't the general practice for a church here in the eastern part of this country.  I was able to lay a successful foundation while being guided and supported by the lead pastor, Jamie Walton. Pastor Walton imparted his wisdom and knowledge to me for over 9 years. The church grew and I was able to support many through their various individual and family crises.

On a personal note...
I have an amazing dog named JoJo, for which my services have been named after.  She is my faithful companion and a joy to share this life with.

I hope to meet you and serve you soon!


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"To give them a beautiful headdress
instead of ashes,
the oil of gladness
instead of mourning
the garment of praise
instead of a faint spirit."
Isaiah 61:3